Harlton College,Minnesota

Kayla´s POV

Okay,this english class just now was kinda boring,of course,we need to remember the BASICS.but come on!

Also,it´s very hard sometimes for me to focus on something,when i am listening to "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars,trust me,if what it says in that song was true,life for me would be so much easier.

Oh yeah,i forgot to introduce myself,my name is Kayla Mason,i am studying literature,i somewhat of want to become a writer of dramatic tales,don´t judge me,please,the fact that society only knows how to judge people,makes things really bad,for a young woman,such as myself,even more,if you have,even that slight,schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia? Yes,i have that,it sucks you know? All of my "boyfriends" fake-dated me,and ended up telling their friends,that i was a crazy girl,that made fake boyfriends for myself,if my life were more stupid,it would be a tv show.

I have to return to class,30 minutes of break is such an injustice.

"Okay class,listen,the first project,is making a novel,and you will be doing one with 300 pages,in double,a boy and a girl."She said,my partner will have to be as good as me in writing,of course i will dramatize the things up in that novel.

"Listen class! The doubles are:Liza and Michael,Jake and Krista,Bobby and Kayla..."She said,okay,So my partner is Robert,i never really talked to him,i wonder what is his especiality in writing.

I asked to the girl in my side:"Do you know who is Bobby?"

She pointed to a short haired guy,blue eyed,with a real slim beard,cute,i would say.

He was changing the song in his cellphone,i touched him and got his attention:

"Hmm,did you heard what Ms.Raymond said?"I asked.

"I did,you are my partner,right?"He asked.

"Yes."I said.

"Hi,my name is Bobby Stevens."He said,he got my hand and kissed it,this guy must be great at making novels.

"Nice to meet you,Robert,i am Kayla Mason."I said,his expression changed into a curious one:

"Robert?"He asked.

"Yes,your name,i'm not calling you Bobby,i just met you,it is a little soon to call each other by nicknames."I said.

"A funny fact about me,Ms.Mason,my name is Bobby,not Robert,you aren't the first to say that to me."He said,i had a "wow" face now.

"Okay so,let's start again,i am Kayla Mason."I said.

"My name is Bobby Stevens."He said.

"That's better now."I said.

We both laughed,i guess i just made a friend.