"We Can Be Friends"Is the second chapter of the fanwork,"My Dear Bobby"


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"So,Ms.Mason,what are you good at?"He asked me.

"Drama,take that."I said,with my hands up,he laughed.

"So we can make a dramatic novel."He said,i nodded.

"Alright,let's get started!"I said.

"Actually,we should start tomorrow."He said.

"Why?"I asked.

"I have difficulties in sharing my ideas,with someone that i just met,so..."I intervened:

"Are you suggesting that we should know each other better,to make this project?"I asked.

"Precisely."He said,smiling,god what's with this guy?

"Okay,i don't know how that helps,but that's good for me."I said.

"Good choice Ms.Mason,after college,we'll go to the park,warn your parents okay?"He asked.

"Okay."I said.

"We've barely know each other,and we are saying "okay" like Augustus and Hazel."He said,we laughed.

After College

Since we go to college by afternoon,the night is always at hand.I told my parents that i was going home later,because of Bobby,i could listen to their giggles in the cellphone.Anyway,i was at the park waiting for him.

He was late,but i could saw him coming:

"Good night,Ms.Mason."He said,kissing my hand.

"Good night,Bobby,and please,stop calling me like that,you make me feel old."I said,he chuckled.

"I presume you are hungry,right?"He asked.

"Yes,i couldn't have dinner,due to your meeting idea."I said.

"Then enter my car,and i shall take us to the closest McDonalds."He said,i laughed hard.

We were talking in his car:

"You know,i don't have money to pay for what i will eat."I said.

"But a real gentleman always pays for the lady,correct?"He asked,i blushed,was he saying that i am a lady?

"Correct."I answered.

At McDonalds

We ordered the snacks already,i asked for something with a lot of salad,and a juice,while he asked for a big snack,full of bacons and a coke,if he eats things like that,how can he be so lean?

While we eat,we talk:

"So Kayla,what is your goal?"He asked.

"Seek a great maybe!"I answered.

"You mean "a great perhaps"?"He asked.

"Yes.A great perhaps."I said.

"Looking For Alaska,by John Green,i love that book,i'm still a bigger fan of "The Fault In Our Stars" though."He said,i nodded.

"Do you have any siblings?"I asked.

"No,i'm a only child,that fact was what made me love books so much,i never had anyone that could play with me,and such things."He said,i was surprised,having no siblings,no friends,was what made me become a book lover.

"I feel the same way."I said.

"Really? What a coincidence."He said.

"Coincidencies do not exist,it is..."

"Fate."He finished my phrase.

"Yes,fate,we have so much things in common.If we keep like this,we're gonna be friends in no time."I said.

"Can we be friends?"He asked.

"We can be friends."I said.

"Okay."He said.

"Okay."I said.

We stared at each other and laughed,i never thought i was so good at making friends.